Can You Feel the Charm of Lapland

Autumn Colours and summer of Lapland

Muotkavaara’s location and facilities enable versatileactivities during summertime as well as in autumn. The Arctic Hills Särkitunturi, Keimiötunturi and the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park are perfect attractions for hiking and observing nature. The air in Muonio is the cleanest in Europe and when hiking in the Arctic Hills, you can hear your own thoughts and enjoy the undisputed beauty and austerity of the nature around. The summer or autumn in Lapland is a world of its own; peace, quiet, sounds of nature and the autumn colours are truly a unique experience.

Snowy polar night of shimmering snow

Winter in Lapland begins at the end of murky autumn and lasts until sunny spring. The ski tracks in Olos call out to ski in the most beautiful scenery. However, cross-country skiing is not the only option to explore the amazing view; snowshoeing is also possible in Muotkavaara. Moreover, snowboarding and alpine skiing can be done in four different nearby Ski Centres: Olos, Ylläs, Pallas and Levi, all within 30 minutes of drive from Muotkavaara.

Exotic Lapland

Since we are in Lapland, it is almost mandatory to experience the local culture and exoticism. Already the surrounding nature and the phenomenons such as the Northern Lights, Polar Night
and Autumn Colours will leave a lasting mark on you, however there is much more to see in Muotkavaara and the surrounding area. How about a husky safari or a ride on a reindeer sled? Or rafting in the River Muonio? For more relaxed experiences, visit a husky or a reindeer farm, hear about the lives of the animals, and learn about the local culture and crafts. For the brave ones, there is a Shaman, who will meet you in a Laplander’s hut and give you Shaman’s baptism.

Full Service Camp and Holiday

Muotkavaara’s peaceful location is ideal for groups. In the yard area, the groups can do many types of activities, such as ice fishing or snow sculpturing. The exotic Lapland and the artic hills are close by, yet the Ski Centres are far enough so that noise from them will not disturb your group. Our services in Muotkavaara include accommodation, meals, sauna, use of our facilities like the Laplander’s hut and versatile programmes. All of our programmes are tailor made according to the customer’s requests. We also offer ready-made programmes.

Muotkavaara is specialized in groups and campschool groups, however our facilities and services are suitable for all.

You will feel yourself at home in the middle of the most beautiful Lapland!

  • 60 beds:
    • 2 x 2 person room,
    • 4 x 4 person room
    • 3 x 5 person room,
    • 3 x 6 person room
    • 1 x 8 person room
  • dinner with a half board or full bard
  • servicesauna and room with a fireplacea
  • training room and a hobby room
  • Laplander’s hut
  • 150 metres to Lake Äkäsjärvi